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Getting Started

You'll need to do two things before you are ready to start:

  • Access BannerWeb
  • Select the specific term that you want to view

Need help accessing BannerWeb?

 Click here to learn how.

Students, faculty, and advisors all access BannerWeb the same way:

  1. Navigate to BannerWeb at
  2. Select BannerWeb Login.
  3. In the Campus Key or Banner ID field, enter your Campus Key.
  4. In the Password or PIN field, enter your password.
  5. Click Login.

    Your BannerWeb Main Menu displays.

Need help selecting a specific term?

 Click here to learn how.

Faculty and advisors can select a specific term by completing the following steps:

  1. On the Main Menu page, select Faculty and Advisors.
  2. On the Faculty and Advisors page, select Term Selection.

  3. On the Select Term page, complete the following:
    1. In the Select Term drop-down menu, select the term you want to view.
    2. Click Submit

      You’ll be returned to the Faculty and Advisors page.

Faculty Details Schedule Page

All of your classes scheduled for the selected term will be listed on this page. The information shown for each class is described below.

Each class listing contains the following information:  

  • The Course Record Number (CRN), which appears at the top of each class and contains the class name. 
    • Click the CRN to open the Class Schedule Listing page, which displays basic information about the class and contains links to the course catalog and the bookstore.   
  • Basic information about each class, including, the status, registration dates, college and other information.
    • Click the links in the Syllabus and Office Hours fields to add or modify that information. 
  • The class enrollment counts.
    • Click the Enrollment link to open the Summary Class List page, which displays a roster of students enrolled in the class.
  • The scheduled meeting times. If there are multiple times, each will be listed. 

Click the Return to Menu link to return to the Faculty and Advisors page.