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  1. The term, CRN, or student that you select will determine the information displayed on the pages of this section and will persist until changed. To view information for a different term, CRN, or student, you must first reselect those items.
  2. Multiple options are available for navigating this section:
    1. Clicking the Return to Menu link at the top of the page will return you to the Student Information page.
    2. Clicking the Return to Previous link will return you to the previous menu.
    3. Clicking the navigation links at the bottom of some pages will let you navigate within the Student Information section without returning to the Student Information page.

Navigate to the BannerWeb Homepage. Click BannerWeb Login

Class Schedules and the Course Catalog can be accessed from the BannerWeb Homepage without requiring a login.

On the BannerWeb User Login page, enter your Campus Key and password and click Login.

On the Main Menu page, click Faculty and Advisors.

On the Faculty and Advisors page, click Student information Menu.

On the Student Information page. Click Term Selection.

On the Select Term page, select your desired term from the drop-down menu. Click Submit. You'll be returned to the Student Information page.

On the Student Information page, click ID Selection.

On the Student and Advisee ID Selection page:

  1. Enter the student ID or the student’s first and/or last name. 
  2. Select the Search Type you wish to performStudents, Advisees, or Both.
  3. Click Submit.

If you entered a student ID, you’ll be taken to the Student Verification page, which will confirm the name of the student associated with the ID you entered. If the name is correct, click Submit. You’ll be returned to the Student Information page. From this point forward, the information displayed on these pages will reflect the student whose ID you entered.

If you entered a student name, you’ll be taken to the Student and Advisee ID Selection results page. 

If BannerWeb contains students matching the search criteria for the term you selected, the Student or Advisee field will display one or more names. Each listing contains the following information:

  • The student name
  • The status as (Advisee) or (Student)
  • The student ID

Click Submit. You’ll be returned to the Student Information page.

On the Student Information page, click Student Information to display General Student Information.

On the Student Information page, click Student Address and Phones to open the View Student Addresses and Phones page. Both local and permanent/home addresses and phones are shown.

Click Student Email Address to view the student’s email addresses, both home and campus. The preferred address is noted in the display.

Select Student Schedule to view the selected student’s schedule. The View Student Schedule page will display. This page displays information about each class in which the selected student is enrolled and includes the class time, day, and instructor.

Click Academic Transcript to view the student’s transcripts. Select the level and the type of transcript you wish to view.

After making these selections, click Display Transcript.

The Student Academic Transcript page displays the selected student transcript. The information is displayed in three sections:

  • Student Information confirms the student name and provides notes about the transcript.
  • Institution Credit lists the student’s course history in chronological order, from the oldest to most recent term. Each course listing includes the grade and credit hours earned. Below each term’s course listings, roll-ups of total hours appears for the both current term and cumulatively.
  • Courses in Progress displays the courses the student is currently taking.

Click the Institution Credit or Courses in Progress link at the top of the page to be taken directly to that section of the page. Click the Top link next to the Institutional Credit and Courses in Progress headings to return to the top of the page.

Click Advisee Listing to view a list of all student enrolled at Jefferson.

  • You can email any student by clicking the icon next to their ID.
  • You can email all student by clicking Email your advisees at the bottom of the advisee list. 

Click View Holds to view hold information for the selected student.

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