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How to Access DegreeWorks

On the Main Menu, select the Student link to open the Student menu.

Select the DegreeWorks link.

The DegreeWorks landing page will display. Enter your campus key and click Enter.

The Landing page contains tabs that can be used for the degree audit. These include Worksheets, Plans, Notes, and GPA Calc.

How to Use Worksheets

Click on the Worksheets tab. Notice that the default view is Student View. The top of the form displays the your information, including your campus key, advisor, major, level, and degree. Below the student header information, your progress towards your degree is displayed, including the requirements and the credits needed.

The sections below the header outline the courses needed to satisfy the requirements and credits needed for the degree and the major program of study.

The legend at the bottom of the page describes each status and associated icon.

Select the What If link in the left column to create scenarios and determine the effects of changing programs and majors and adding classes. Click on the Process What If button at the top once the selections have been made to view the results.

How to Use Notes

Click on the Notes tab to View, Add, Modify, and Delete Notes.

Click on Add Note to enter comments, or choose a predefined note from the associated drop-down list. Click Save Note when complete.

Notes also appear in the Notes section at the bottom of the worksheet:

How to Use GPA Calc

Click on the GPA Calc tab and enter the current GPA, Credits Remaining, Credits Required, and the Desired GPA. Click Calculate to see the results.

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